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Mentors: Prof. Naveen Aggarwal , Dr. Garima Joshi 
Project interns:  

Introduction: Real time Mobile Air Pollution Analyzer


A mobile air pollution analyzer that can be installed on top of the vehicles to get real time values of various parameters as the vehicle moves and communicates back using IoT to base station.


• A node network between stationary device and all mobile devices.
• Mobile Devices communicates various pollution parameters and its current location and   communicates using IoT to base device.
• Each Node measures for the quality check of the surrounding.
• All data along with GPS location is stored on cloud and can be accessed using an app.


  • Name of the Department: UIET, Panjab University
  • Name of Project: Design Innovation Centre(DIC)


City Wide data analysis at different time and location can be done. An App can be developed to route commuters through less polluted path.

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