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Mentors: Prof. Naveen Aggarwal , Dr. Garima Joshi 
Project interns:  

Introduction: Person Identifier and GAIT Authenticator using Accelerometer


This project aims to develop a solution to authenticate the GAIT and identify the person characteristics such as ‘Age’, ‘Gender’, ‘Height’ using smartphone sensors.


• Detection of Human Gait using accelerometer sensor of smartphone.
• Improved accuracy and detection of Person Characteristics using Barometer Sensor.
• Human activity recognition such as walking, running, etc.
• Developed an app to detect the theft of the phone as soon as the thief captures it and move away.
• Validated in multiple conditions by keeping the phone in different positions.


  • Name of the Department: UIET, Panjab University
  • Name of Project: Design Innovation Centre(DIC)


System can be used to detect the theft of smartphone by detecting the GAIT of the person who is carrying it. Same Concept can also be used to detect whether person is walking normal or in stress.

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