Meet the Team

  • Mentors: Dr. Prashant Jindal, Dr. Mamta Juneja 
  • Project interns: Ashish Sharma, Arulsham Bhasin , Ayush Vaishya, Ujjwal Raj, Aryan Goyal , Amanat Singh, Vivek Yadav , Tanish Raina

Introduction: IOT based Motion and Grip Sensing Glove.



The assessment of physiotherapy readings is essential in assisting the physiotherapist in the detection of impairment caused by injury and monitoring recovery, there is a lack of a device that accurately quantitatively measures the motion of the hand and connects it to hand ailments.
The conventional method to determine goniometric data of hand joints is inefficient, cumbersome, and does not keep a track of patients’ recovery making future treatments uncertain. so an easy-to-use handheld remote device capable of measuring, storing goniometric data, and performing analysis on it is needed for physiotherapists, clinicians, and people with hand injuries especially old people for joint ailments.


  • 3rd prize for Best Innovation at MHRD’s Annual Innovation Festival and received a funding of Rs 4 lakhs.
  • Patent granted .
  • Registered as startup ‘ASSIST-O-CARE TECHNOLOGIES’
  • Selected for International workshop on Entrepreneurship in the MHRD’s IIC/POC contest.
  • Website : .


To develop and design a device that measures all the finger joint angles and grip through accurate sensors installed on a comfortable fabric glove which the patient has to wear for routine analysis. The measured data will be captured and stored through a mobile application accessible by both doctor and patient for references and interpretation in real-time. a superior quality device with digital methodology, comfort of use, and real time data management .


It is easy to use and very effective as compared to current conventional method used by physiotherapist and clinician for the same.

The integrated app shows graphical data and also recovery evaluation which is one of its kind and helps physiotherapist compare and recommend better exercises/cure etc.

The device is battery operated and can be used for hours before it requires recharging.

Technology Stack

  • Microcontroller: ESP32
  • Flex sensors
  • Square force resistive sensor
  • MATLAB for sensor calibration


  • Name of the Department: UIET, Panjab University
  • Name of Project: Design Innovation Centre(DIC)
  • Partners: PGIMER , Chandigarh

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