Meet the Team

Mentors: Dr. Prashant Jindal, Dr. Mamta Juneja 
Project interns: Kartik Jangra, Pranav Gupta, Rishi Dhiman, Anirudh Kalra

Introduction: Medical Grade 3-D Printer.



Cranial implants are used to secure intracranial structures, reconstruct the skull contour, normalise cerebral hemodynamic, and repair cranial defects. Larger bone defects require intervention for repair from an implant made from autologous bone or other material.
To repair such defects using implants, materials necessitate biocompatibility with the natural bone.
Patient Specific Implants (PSI) are designed to repair specific cranial defects following standard procedures for implant design, fabrication and cranioplasty.
PSI manufactured implants using 3D Printing provide an ideal fitment, aesthetics, saving of time and cost and are also improved therapy success rates 


  • Clinical Trials on 4 Patients from Nottingham
    University Hospital
  • 3-International Publications (2-SCI, 1-Conference)
  • Optimized design for custom cranial implants of different geometries,fixture arrangements and materials for GMCH 32, Chandigarh
    Project grant of 15+Lacs from NTU, UK


This project aims to design novel medical grade printer for patient-specific cranial implants composed of medical grade polymer materials with sufficient mechanical properties enabling surgeons to reconstruct cranial defects with an accurate, light weight, mechanically strong and biocompatible polymer.


Generating 3D implant designs for cranium applications using different medical grade materials.


Assembly and simulation of different implant geometries with bone structure for cranioplasty using Finite Element Modeling.

Assemble a medical grade 3D printing arrangement to produce sterile polymer based implant

Low-cost and high-sterile implants

Technology Stack

  • Simulation with Ansys CFD, FEA
  • SKR Motherboard
    High Temperature Heat Bed, Hot End
  • 3-D printed parts(ABS material)
  • Milling
  • Laminar Air Flow


  • Name of the Department: UIET, Panjab University
  • Name of Project: Design Innovation Centre(DIC)
  • Name of Group : Medical Devices and Restorative Technologies (MDaRT)

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