Meet the Team

Mentors: Prof. Naveen Aggarwal , Dr. Garima Joshi 
Project interns:  

Introduction: Low cost Indigenously developed Pupillometer


An automated device to detect the pupillary size and its reactivity for
critically ill patients with objective measurement of pupillary reaction and its real
time plotting.

Merits over equivalent available technology:

• More than 200 Clinical trials conducted to validate the readings of the device.
• Patient identification using QR code using an App.
• Use of machine-learning based algorithm to classify pupillary reaction as brisk or sluggish.
• Storage/ Maintenance of patient data on the cloud.
• Analysis based on the patient’s historical data to determine the recovery process of the patient.


  • Name of the Department: UIET, Panjab University
  • Name of Project: Design Innovation Centre(DIC)


• Pupillary Size Measurement
• Photomotor reflex measurement

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