Meet the Team

Mentors: Dr. Prashant Jindal, Dr. Mamta Juneja 
Project interns: 
Rishi Dhiman, Anirudh Kalra, Abhishek Ranjan

Introduction: BTMS (Battery Thermal Management System)



With the ever-rising demand for efficient energy systems and excessive dependence on fossil fuels and petroleum products, it has become imperative for the global community to explore alternative energy sources.
Nearly 90% of the vehicles used for transportation across the globe are still largely dependent upon products such as petrol and diesel for their day to day operation, while 3 to 5% utilize alternative fuels such as ethanol and natural for their day to day operation, thereby raising the emission levels of harmful byproducts to alarming levels.


  • Publications: 1

Technology Stack

  • CAD (Fusion 360)
  • Simulation with Ansys CFD, FEA
  • 3-D Printing
  • Microcontroller – Arduino


Heat transfer optimization for Li -ion Battery packs for enhanced performance of Battery thermal management system (BTMS) 


Using 2 – tier direct liquid (active cooling) cooling system instead of 1 -tier for better cooling of the interior cells in the battery pack.

Uses total of 70 Lithium-Nickel-Manganesecobalt-Oxide (NMC) cells arranged in 14-inseries and 5-in-parallel arrangement giving total output of 610 Watt (approx).

Uses advanced BMS for proper charging and discharging time of the cells for better durability.

Uses Graphene particle (one of the best conductor) to significantly reduce temperature of cells rapidly and effectively..


  • Name of the Department: UIET, Panjab University
  • Name of Project: Design Innovation Centre(DIC)
  • Name of Group : Medical Devices and Restorative Technologies (MDaRT)

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