Meet the Team

Mentors: Dr. Prashant Jindal, Dr. Mamta Juneja 
Project interns: Abhipriya Bhattacharya, Aarushi Sharma, Ishaan Aggarwal

Introduction: Bespoke Clear Dental Aligners, Night Guards and Surgical Guides Using 3D Technology.



Clear aligner/night guards/guides medically approved polymer based materil.
In house facility for 3D modeling bespoke multiple stages for teeth alignment.
3D printing of dental models for producing accurate clear aligners.
3D printed surgical guides for accurate tooth implant placement.
Protect the teeth from grinding problems, improve alignment or straighten teeth, close mild spaces, treat elongated teeth and tip teeth into better position. 
Produce the desired output in less time as compared to the metal braces 
Reduce the number of physical appointments between the doctor and the patient Patients need not visit the dentist often as in case with metal braces.


  • 4 SCI journal Publications. 
  • 2-Scopus journal Publications.
  • 3 conferences publications in Springer book chapters. 
  • Successful clinical trials of aligners on 10 subjects. 


Clear dental aligners for aligning misaligned teeth and surgical guides.


Localized facility for producing accurate aligners.
Direct facility for dentist and patient, no outsourcing required.
Directly Provide surgical guides for accurate implant treatments to dentists. 

Technology Stack

  •  Orthoanalyzer software by 3 Shape 3 D Modeling 3 D Printing Basic knowledge about the Oral Cavity


  • Name of the Department: UIET, Panjab University
  • Name of Project: Design Innovation Centre(DIC)
  • Name of Group : Medical Devices and Restorative Technologies (MDaRT)
  • Partners: : PGIMER, GMCH 32, Chandigarh

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